Welcome to Commercial Brokerage Qld.  This commercial real estate business is owned and operated by John Highman and provides specialised services and advice to commercial, retail, and industrial property investors and business owners in Australia and Queensland.

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We offer unique and specialist services in:

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing
  • Retail Real Estate Sales and Leasing
  • Industrial Property Sales and Leasing
  • Shopping Centre Analysis and Performance Planning
  • Investment Property Performance
  • Tenant Mix Solutions for Shopping Centres
  • Tenant Advocacy Services


John Highman is a Commercial Real Estate Agent and Broker.  He is an investment property specialist and advisor.  He provides unique and specialised property advice and brokerage services in Queensland and across Australia.

With over 35+ years ‘hands-on’ experience in large CBD office, retail, and industrial properties, he shares his proven investment strategies and thoughts both online and in real estate conferences around the World. John is a prolific spokesperson for the commercial property industry Globally as a Keynote Speaker, Industry Educator, and Author.

Over the last 20 years, John has regularly spoken at major international property conferences and events in key international cities such as Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Manila.

Today he helps property investors, and business owners across the USA, SE Asia, UK, and Australia achieve their investment targets and results. Today, he can help you with your property challenges and opportunities, be they local or global.


Why Commercial or Retail Property is a Good Investment Vehicle in Queensland

Its times like this that we can easily see the benefits of investing long term in Brisbane property and particularly commercial and retail property.  On average, investors keep the commercial property for about 5 to 7 years; sometimes longer.  After that, they know what they can do with it when it comes to diversity, enhancement, …

Why Traditional Department Stores are Dying in Regional Shopping Centres

It is a fact that many shopping centres in Australia, Europe and the US are suffering a ‘slow death’ with their traditional department stores as anchor tenants.  The factors of attraction with the typical and older style department stores are no longer as evident as in the early 2000s, and in most cases are now …

How to Make Every Lease Count in Investment Property in Brisbane

When you own commercial property or retail property in Brisbane or Queensland, the leases that reflect the tenancy mix are the foundation of the cash flow.  In many respects it is the cash flow that attracts other investors to the property when a sale is forecast. Then when it comes to selling that property it …


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John Highman, Specialist Commercial Real Estate Agent
John Highman