How to Boost Investment Performance in Commercial Property

In commercial real estate, the yield of the property is commonly referred to by investors.  It is a point of reference or standard for the property type and the location. 

Property yields in this market vary considerably as property investors focus on different property types and situations. Investors come and go from the Brisbane property market based on the ‘opportunity’ factor. That assessment will be different for many investors as they choose property types and precincts to invest in.

Always use caution when considering yields in this market.  It is notable that many yields have moved out by up to 1% due to economic pressure and changes.  There are still some good properties and investments available.

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Here are a few of the key points to look at when it comes to assessing property opportunities.

  1. Strength of income is paramount. Most particularly this will come from the leases on the property.  When a lease is well structured it will underpin and strengthen the price for the property.  Look at things like rent types, outgoings recoveries, option periods, length of lease and make good provisions.
  2. Tenant and landlord covenants will feature in the lease and put obligations of occupancy performance on both parties.  For this reason, the checking of the lease before sale or purchase is high on the agenda for the experienced investors.  A good solicitor will help with the process.
  3. Physical aspects of the property and structure should always be checked by experts.  In this market, a due diligence process in any property sales and purchase is a wise move.  A due diligence condition in a contract could take some days if not weeks to be fully checked and satisfied.
  4. Occupational Health and Safety together with the elements of Essential Services and Mechanical performance on the property should be checked by experts including engineers.  Legislation in this regard can impact the property with high costs of remediation or changes to Essential Services.  Compliance is critical for the property investor.
  5. Permitted use, Zoning, and Building Occupancy Certificates on the property should be checked and related back to how the property is currently used.  What you need to know is if any breaches are existing now.
  6. Survey plans and as-built drawings should be sourced on every property purchase.  You will need these critical drawings many times in the future when tenants come and go from the property.  They are very expensive to obtain when the go missing.
  7. Location is one of the major factors in the future of the investment property, but do not overlook potential or known changes to the regional demographics and business community.  They can impact the rental and future leasing opportunity in the property.  You can have the best property, but if it is in a poor location or contracting business community, then the property as an investment will have to be reassessed.

These elements will help you consider future property purchase opportunities.