How to Find Buyers for Your Commercial Property on the Gold Coast

When you’re looking to sell your commercial property on the Gold Coast, understand the priorities and the pressures when it comes to reaching the right people in the right way. Don’t just advertise your property and wait for the enquiries to come in. An excellent real estate agent will do a lot more for you than just that.

It is a fact that there are plenty of buyers for most Gold Coast properties throughout the year, but there are some choices that you have when it comes to reaching out to right people effectively and directly. Strategic marketing should apply. That is where your agent should know what to do.

Where can you start with this idea? It is not just a matter of placing a property on the internet for sale; there are many other strategic things that you can do as part of the process to maximise the enquiry and the inspection opportunity.

Let’s open on that point and give you some support. Here are some specific ideas to help you tap into the right buyers for your commercial or retail investment property.

  1. Defined target marketing – There will always be at the time of sale, a perceived target market that should be matched to your property. Target marketing has to feature in your marketing efforts, and that requires both strategy and the appropriate marketing spend. There are many ways to approach the marketing process today, but there should be a right balance between online and offline marketing; reach out to your buyers comprehensively at the time of sale.
  2. Local area marketing – There is also great value in local area marketing when it comes to reaching out to new people. That can be done effectively and directly. So, the idea here is that you can specifically target market your property into the location and across the target audience. Define that audience before you take the property to sale, and ensure that your agent has a clear idea of how they are going to reach into that target audience individually as part of your promotional campaign. There are different channels of media and advertising to be undertaken.
  3. Selecting the best time of year to sell – There are different times of the year where a property sale and promotion will be more effective. A review of history in your town or city will show the trends when it comes to the best times of year to reach out to others in selling your property. Most promotional campaigns extend for approximately eight weeks. As part of that, the target market must be engaged, and inspections encouraged. Ensure that the agent that you are working with has a clear understanding of when the property campaign should be started and how that campaign will be staged over time.
  4. Best methods of sale – There will be selected and proven methods of disposal that could be more effective than others when it comes to getting a positive result in selling your property in a timely way. So, the message here is that your property promotion and the campaign to sell your property can be carefully structured for the best results from a method of sale that is to be commenced in a timely way.
  5. Balancing your marketing mix – Traditional methods of marketing still apply today; however, the online portals and the search engines have a big impact in attracting people to your property. The attraction is a critical issue in promoting your property most effectively throughout the campaign. What can you do with that? So, your property promotions should be balanced in marketing both traditionally and online when it comes to reaching the target audience. The question to answer here will be how can you reach the target audience and where will they be looking for a property such as yours? The agent that you choose in your sale promotion should also have a clear understanding and recommendations to make around that question.
  6. Existing database of old leads and qualified prospects – The larger real estate agencies have a list of qualified buyers from previous campaigns. At the start of any sale marketing campaign for commercial or retail property, the qualified leads from other campaigns can be reviewed and updated regards your property, in case they are still active and potentially interested in your property sale.

So, these are some of the things to think about in taking a commercial or retail property to the market for sale.

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