The Importance of a Signboard in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

city buildings on morning sky

When you list your property for sale or lease in Brisbane, one of the questions that you will be asked by the nominated brokage agent, is if you want a signboard on your property.  I highly recommend a signboard for one very good reason; it is so effective in immediately tapping into the local property market. 

Brisbane is a vibrant and active city on the Australian eastern seaboard.  It is becoming a ‘gateway’ of products and services into SE Asia.  People interested in local commerce drive through the precincts constantly. It is a property investment ‘hub’.

The seaports and airports in Brisbane are surrounded by industrial and commercial properties serving commerce and manufacturing in Queensland.  The precincts of Eagle Farm, Newstead, Port Brisbane, and Tradecoast, are all thriving precincts are also supporting businesses trading internationally through sea, air, and road transport links.

So, the signboard on your property is quite important.  There are people in and around your commercial investment property that want to know about the sale or lease.  Use the signboard to connect with them.

Important Property People

Who are those people?  For starters they will be:

  • Nearby business owners
  • Local tenants that may need to expand, contract, or relocate premises
  • Investors seeking to expand or change their portfolio

Very often when a signboard is placed on a property in Brisbane, the phone starts to ring within a few hours.  The local businesses and the local property investors will see the signboard and invariably want to know what is going on with the property.  They will consider your property from their perspective with their needs in mind, and that is what you want.

The signboard is therefore one of the cheapest and most effective methods of marketing a property that there is.   Add to that the convenience of the available internet advertising today and you have a basic marketing campaign for your Brisbane property at low cost. 

Value for Money in Property Marketing Today

Where is the value for money in marketing commercial real estate today? Consider these questions:

  • What does a signboard cost?  A few hundred dollars for a generous signboard.  The signboard is a silent promoter of your property in an ongoing way.
  • What does the internet cost?  Can be a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on advert placement, size, and message.  There is long term value in internet-based marketing placement.

It is interesting today to remember that newspaper advertising for commercial and retail property is less effective and still very costly.  Most people that want to sell, purchase, or lease a local property will go to the internet first and will see the signboard as they travel through the local area.

Advertising your property for sale or lease does not have to be expensive or complex.  Simple marketing with effective channels of marketing is all that is required.