Why Tenants are So Valuable in Commercial and Retail Property Performance

Landlords in Brisbane should spend more time strengthening relationships and services for their tenants in commercial and retail property.  Successful tenants help a property investment thrive; they bring stability to the asset.

A stable tenant and their business can add value to the investment property in many ways over time.  Conversely, lengthy and frequent vacancies will pull back the outcomes for the investment in rents, occupancy, and property value.  An investment property that is ‘volatile’ in income and occupancy is generally harder to lease and to sell.

Some Tenants are Better Than Others

There are differences in tenants of course; some are more valuable than others as part of an investment property and its performance.  A large corporate tenant is generally a good part of the property income for quite some time; that must be protected and nurtured. 

Stability in cash flow and occupancy is a core element of property performance.  I go back to the point that more landlords of commercial and retail property should spend time encouraging the relationships and support systems for their tenants.

Where can that help be created?  Try some of these:

  • Early lease negotiation to provide the tenant with lease stability
  • The ability to change occupancy when expansion or contraction is required
  • Fair and reasonable market rent reviews with due regard to market conditions
  • Regular meetings with the tenant to ensure concerns are addressed
  • The selection of a good property manager that has experience and skill
woman operating machinery
Work with your tenants and their business.

Create a Tenant Retention and Contact Plan

When it comes to leasing and managing your commercial investment property, it pays to keep in close contact with your tenants.  Tenants are like ‘gold’ and should be encouraged to remain in occupancy providing they are ‘stable’ and ‘relevant’ to the overall tenant mix; there is a balance there to watch and cultivate.  An investment property with a stable tenant profile will always attract more buyer enquiry and be easier to sell when the time comes around.

Realistically, commercial tenants and retail tenants all suffer issues relating to business activities and occupancy over time and through the year; the same can be said for the property owners and investors.  There is a partnership between the landlord and the tenants that should be encouraged.  That is where flexibility and communication are important controls to implement as part of the property management and leasing plan.   

business men walking in street
Connect with your tenants in a positive way.

Don’t Be Agressive as a Landlord with Tenant Occupancy

Landlords that are too aggressive on rents and lease negotiations are generally those landlords that lose the respect of their tenants over time, and that will be the first sign of a rising vacancy rate in the property.  When leases come to an end, those tenants will be the first to leave or put pressure on the property owners for any negotiations.

So, what can you do here to prevent those problems from starting?  Some of these ideas may help:

  1. Meet with your tenants monthly or quarterly to ensure that any issues and pressures are identified early
  2. Watch arrears issues and talk to tenants early to identify cash flow issues
  3. Administer the critical dates in a property in a timely way to ensure that nothing is left too late
  4. Keep on top of building maintenance problems, so the tenants have no hindrance to occupancy
  5. Address any lease expiry and rent review issues early so the tenants can plan for changes and pressures
  6. Ensure that the property is functional and attractive to tenants and customers as they visit the property.  That will include all services, amenities, and common areas.
  7. Maintain the exterior of the property, so it creates a ‘high-quality’ image for all tenants as they transact business and encourage customers.
  8. Provide practical and ample car parking for tenants and customers.
  9. Maintain the plant and equipment in a property, so that tenant ‘comfort’ is provided
  10. Look at how tenants can market their businesses on directory boards or pylon signs.
  11. Provide good on-site security, access, and communication channels for all tenants.

These simple rules help greatly in controlling tenant interest and encourage them to remain in occupancy as part of investment property performance in Brisbane.  Good tenants are at least half of the equation when it comes to commercial and retail property outcomes.